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Week 7

Winton to

sunny 30 °C

Day 43 - Tuesday July 24
We called into the New Matilda Centre on the way out of Winton. The old one burnt down a couple of years ago and they have spent $23 million in creating the new one.
We drove on to Longreach. We saw a fence at the combined Graziers Association loaded with bras.
We filled a small gas bottle for the heater in our van, bought some meat at a butcher shop, had lunch the headed off through Ilfracombe towards Isisford. On the way, Hiroe took a photo of Georges van on the single lane road all the way from lfracome to Isisford.
We have camped in the towns free camp beside the barcoo River.

Day 44 - Wednesday 25th July
We departed Isisford early this morning - 8.05 and drove the almost single lane road for 123 km to Blackall where we had morning tea. This town is noted for the feat by Jackie Howe a sheep shearer.
John Robert "Jackie" Howe (26 July 1861 (?) – 21 July 1920) was a legendary Australian sheep shearer at the end of the 19th century. He shot to fame in pre-Federation Australia in 1892 when he broke the daily and weekly shearing records across the colonies.

Howe was born at Killarney near Warwick, Queensland. On 10 October 1892, Howe shore 321 sheep in seven hours and 40 minutes at Alice Downs station, near Blackall, Queensland. This was a faster tally than any other shearer had achieved before. In the week beforehand, Howe also set the weekly record, shearing 1,437 sheep in 44 hours and 30 minutes. Howe's daily record was beaten by Ted Reick in 1950, but Reick was using machine shears, while Howe's hand shears were little more than scissors.
There was a dummy sitting on a bench outside the bakers so took a photo
On then to Tambo for lunch and a quick walk around before continuing on to Augathela where we have camped for the night. We have brought the rain here and the farmers must be loving it.
A rather spectacular sunset tonight

Day 45 - Thursday July 26
Left Augathela early this morning (8.00am) and drove to Charleville where we refuelled then drove on to Cunnamulla where we had lunch a visit to the Info Centre and a quick walk around town before refuelling again.
On the way between Charleville and Cunnamulla we came across a rail bridge which looked like a bomb had hit it.
information from the Info Centre told of a truck carrying 53 tonnes of ammonium nitrate caught fire and crashed then exploded at 9.50 pm on the 5th September 2014.
The blast radius was more than 1 kilometre and the affect of the blast was felt over 10 kms away. A police car cravelling to the scene was damaged about 200 metres from the blast. The explosion site looked like a war zone with the complete demolition of theoad bridge and destroyed the Agellala rail bridge that had stood since 1897.
We continued on down the road till we crossed the state border into New South Wales at Barringun where we have camped for the night in the rather primitive Bush Tucker Inn's yard.

Day 46 - Friday July 27
Not very much to report today - We departed Barringun just after 8 and drove to Bourke where we did a little shopping and had morning tea before continuing on towards Cobar stopping about 60 km before reaching there and had lunch. The rad surface has improved a lot since we crossed the border.
We finally arrived at Cobar and set up in the free cam just 1 km out of town near the old copper mine.

Day 47 - Saturday July 28
After a quiet night we refuelled then left Cobar and headed down the Kidman Way till we reached Mount Hope where we had morning tea. There is nothing here except for the old Royal Hotel which is still operating.
Continuing on we eventually reached Lake Cargelligo in time for lunch overlooking the lake.
It has been raining all morning and while we had intended staying here for the night we drove on to the small village of Tullibigeal where the free camp here had toilets hot showers and even electricity. The town is quite run down and not too sure how the folk still living here survive.
Guess the rail siding and grain silo keep some busy.

Day 48 - Sunday July 29
No photos today. We left Tullibigeal at 8.00 and drove to West Wyalong where we refuelled then carried on to Harden. Not long afterward Georges GPS Navigator took us on a circular tour through a small locality of Galon (only a cemetery there) and back to where we had started (37 kms.). We finally paid no attention to his GPS and found our way eventually to Binalong where we were going to camp for the night. The site was quite wet and the wheels on our vehicle were spinning so George hooked his caravan to our car and with little effort at all pulled us 1.2 metres to solid ground. He will not let us forget.
We decided to have lunch then drive on to Gunning for the night.

Day 49 - Monday July 30
Well this is it - The last day of our winter escape holiday to Queensland.
Last night was very cold (-2 deg) and we put the extra doona on the bed.
This morning we drive into Goulburn and refuelled before the run down Route 92 to home, arriving there just before lunch time.
We had a good 7 weeks with George and crossed a few things off our bucket list of things to do or see. - Camel races at Boulia and Porcupine Gorge to name 2.

We travelled 8,293 kms
We spent $3,700.66 on fuel, groceries, accomodation and other items
We used 905.17 lts of fuel
We were away 49 days

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Week Three

Bundaberg to Gargett

overcast 27 °C

Forgot to add week 2's map to the last entry so here it is now.b303d920-79dc-11e8-81fb-21805aa901f9.jpg

Day 15 - Wednesday 27th June
We all went for a drive in our vehicle this morning and firtst stop was at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery where we purchased some rum for ourselves and for our good neighbors (Jim and Joan).
Next stop was at the Big Barrel where they produce as well as Bundaberg Ginger beer a lot of other soft drinks.
It was then a trip out to Alloway Fruit and vegetable markets to stock up supplies since we will be leaving here tomorrow morning, then back into town for lunch and a visit to a supermarket.
Bob had a haircut today beside our van and is feeling considerably cooler.

Day 16 - Thursday June 28
We left Bundaberg at 8.30 this morning and drove to Gin Gin where we didn't stop much to Hiroe's disgust then on to Boolboonda Tunnel and we stopped to take some photos. George refused to drive though so Hiroe and Bob walked the 196 metres to check it out. It is very high and would easily take a caravan.
Boolboonda Tunnel is an abandoned heritage-listed railway tunnel at Tunnel Road, Boolboonda, Bundaberg Region, Queensland, Australia. The tunnel is 192 metres (630 ft) in length making it the longest unsupported man-made tunnel in Queensland. Its construction represented an important engineering feat for rail transport in Queensland. It was built from 1881 to 1884 by O'Rourke & McSharry. It is also known as Boolboonda Railway Tunnel and SEQ-6Q 1. It was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 24 September 1999.
The Boolboonda Railway Tunnel opened 12 November 1883 following a construction period of two years. It was built by Queensland Government Railways as part of the Bundaberg to Mount Perry railway line, constructed to service the Mount Perry copper mines. It took two years to dig and was officially opened on 2 November 1883.The line was deviated in 1960 and tracks removed the following year. The section of the line between Tirroan and Mount Perry closed in 1960 and was removed in 1961.
We continued on to Mt Perry and again we didn't stop but drove on till we reached the Burrnet Highway where we turned north and arrived at Mulgildie and took a photo of the Bunyip statue there.
The legend of the bunyip has lived long in Australian history.
Elders and long-time cattlemen have told of bubbling water, disappearing cattle and eerie sensations throughout the generations.
Several communities claim the mythical creature lurks in their local rivers, but residents in one small Queensland township insist they have the waterhole where the bunyip resides.
The Bunyip Hole at Mulgildie in the upper North Burnett is unsettling.
It's a still pool blanketed with green slime, silent except for the occasional buzz of birds and flies.
Known to bubble and gurgle, some Aboriginal elders believe the hole is connected to a network of underground waterways.
Joan Farrell is the president of the local Bunyip Committee, and says the bunyip has a strong presence in the community.
"I came here in 1975 and I kept hearing about the bunyip at the Bunyip Hole," she said.
"Now, you don't go out there especially on dark and don't swim in it, because you can get dragged down never to be seen again."
Monto at 12.30. We set up in the almost free camp near the old railway station ($5.00 a night).

Day 17 - Friday June 29
Next morning we drove on to Rockhampton via Biloela, (where we had morning tea), Dululu and Westwood. After setting up and having lunch we visited the Info centre for advice then Bunnings for George to get some bolts to secure his caravan fridge and back to the vans.

Rockhampton Bull Statues

Six bull statues representing the main breeds of the area are situated throughout Rockhampton in recognition of Rockhampton's Beef Capital of Australia title. Follow this trail to see these statues, but keep your eyes peeled for other life-size bulls decorating premises around Rocky. These fun and quirky statues are part of a competition run in conjunction with the tri-annual Beef Expo, which has become an icon event for the Australian beef industry and a major event for the State of Queensland.
It really has warmed up today.

Day 18 - Saturday June 30
We drove into Rockhampton City this morning and visited the railway museum at the old Archer Park railway station. It was closed for the day so bad luck.
From here we went down to Quay Street which runs along the Fitzroy River frontage. There are many nice old buildings along here some of which are the Heritage Hotel, The old Customs House etc.
We then took a drive out to the Heritage Village some 10 km north of the City. We have been here before but George wanted to have a look.
Back then to a large shopping centre where we had lunch before returning to the vans for afternoon tea.

Day 19 - Sunday July 1
This morning was washing day and both Hiroe and George took over the laundry in the caravan park. In the afternoon, George took us for a drive up to Mt Archer lookout (603 metres above Rockhampton). It was quite cool and cloudy hence no very good photos.
We continued on for another 44 kms to Emu Park where we stopped for photos of the beach front and the Singing ship which was sculptued to commemorate Captain Cooks visit in 1770.
drove around the town then on to Roslyn for a cup of coffee then through Yepoon before returning to our vans for "happy Hour" and dinner.

Day 20 - Monday July 2
We departed Gracemere just on 8.00 this morning and drove to Marlborough for Morning tea then on to Carmila where we had lunch. Lots of traffic this morning on the highway and the road surface is very bumpy. On then to sarina where we turned off the highway and took back roads to our campsite for the night at Gargett.


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